Photo Spots

There’s plenty of places in and around Sacramento to take pictures. These are just a few of those photo spots.

Capitol Building and the Capitol Gardens

As the capital of California, Sacramento houses the capitol building. The capitol building is a huge structure spanning an area of 10 city blocks. Even though the Capitol Building itself is closed to visitors inside, there are still plenty of opportunities to take some pictures.

There are numerous parking structures around the capitol, but if you are traveling to the capitol on the weekend, parking is free on the street.

1315 10th St. Room B-27, Sacramento, CA 95814

Capitol Museum

McKinley Rose Garden

The McKinley Rose Garden blooms with beautiful roses and other flowers. There are a wide variety of flowers and they provide a great backdrop to photos.

Parking is free but do not park in front of the houses as a residential permit is required.

3255 H St, Sacramento, CA 95816

McKinley Rose Garden

Rainbow Tunnel

Located in the McKinley Village in East Sacramento, the rainbow tunnel is exactly as described. A tunnel lit up with rainbow lights, the Rainbow Tunnel is a great spot for a photoshoot.

There is plenty of free parking in the neighborhood on the sides of the streets.

3340 McKinley Village Way, Sacramento, CA 95816

Rainbow Tunnel

Tower Bridge

Located just a few blocks down from the Capitol building, the tower bridge crosses the Sacramento River and is an entrance to West Sacramento. The gold color of the bridge provides a great background to photos. It’s also a great spot to get photos over the river.

There a few parking structures near the tower bridge, but there is free parking on weekends if you are willing to walk a bit.

342 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Tower Bridge